Shale Gas Research in Germany - The GeoEn Project

Germany´s natural gas reserves are small making the economy highly dependent on imports. The projected increasing gas demand can be jeopardized by limited supply, increasing prizes and environmental concerns. Germany's subsurface contains numerous, thick black shales with shale gas maturity. Local potential offers chance for buffering coming energy demands.

GeoEn is an interdisciplinary national Energy research program funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research. It is part of the German initiative to strengthen excellent research in the six new federal states. Shale gas research is not exclusively focused on Germany, but geologically transgresses national boundaries. Its overall goal is to characterize shale gas properties and potentials of selected key horizons. Research is intimately integrated with GASH.


Research projects

  • Sedimentology and Diagenesis
  • Geomechanics
  • Basin modelling
  • Characterisation, gas potential and gas ad-/desorption of OM

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