GASH was the first European interdisciplinary shale gas research initiative. It started in 2009 and ran for three years. The project was sponsored by the following companies: Statoil, ExxonMobil, Gas de France SUEZ, Wintershall, Vermilion Energy, Marathon Oil, Total, Repsol, Schlumberger and Bayerngas Norge.


Besides the development of a GIS-based European black shale database, 18 research projects were conducted by a multinational expert task force drawn from research institutions, geological surveys, universities and consultants. The overall scientific goal was to predict shale gas formation and occurrence in time and space. Major applications included gas in place, fraccibility and heterogeneity of shales. GASH focused on the potential gas shales of Europe, especially on the Alum Shale (Denmark), and the Posidonia and Carboniferous Shales (Germany). Importantly, it also integrated proven US gas shales (e.g. Barnett Shale) for calibration of key variables.