Research Projects on the Reservoir Scale

This suite of projects addresses gas occurrence and properties within the rock matrix, and producibility.

Multi-Scale Petrophysical Characterisation of Gas Shales

Newcastle University (UK), RWTH Aachen, GFZ Potsdam (both Germany)

The organic matter component of gas shales: evolving source and reservoir properties

GFZ Potsdam (Germany), NewcastleUniversity (UK), RWTH Aachen, BGR Hannover (both Germany), IFPen (France)

Single- and multiphase (gas-water) flow in gas shales and tight-gas systems

RWTH Aachen (Germany)

Seismic characterization of shale gas reservoirs

GFZ Potsdam (Germany)

Mechanical and Hydraulic Properties of Shales and Healing of Induced Fractures

GFZ Potsdam (Germany) and Newcastle University (UK)

Predicting Fluid Quantity and Quality in heterogeneous Gas Shales

Newcastle University (UK)