Research Projects on the Regional Scale

This suite of projects addresses gas in place estimations, pressure prediction and fracture orientations.

Integrative tectonic and sedimentary models for shale gas

University Utrecht and TNO (both the Netherlands)

3D Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis: Migration and Retention Processes in Shale Gas

IFPen (France) and GFZ Potsdam (Germany)

Natural fracturing and pressure modeling in gas shales: reconstuction of geopressures and specific fracturation ratio law calibration

IFPen (France)

3D petroleum system modeling of shale-gas plays

GFZ (Germany)

Feasibility study for gas shales with bacterial gas - Microbiology and carbon mass balances of bacterial gas formation in gas shales and potential gas shale targets

GFZ Potsdam, BGR (both Germany)

Characterizing the electrical conductivity structure of (gas bearing) black shales with magnetotellurics

GFZ Potsdam(Germany)

Sedimentology of the Barnett Shale

IFPen (France)